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New Attempted Break-In at Anne-Sophie Lapix’s

The presenter Anne-Sophie Lapix in front of a Haussmannian apartment in Paris

Anne-Sophie Lapix, presenter of the 8pm news on France 2, was the victim of another attempted home-jacking in her hotêl particulier located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. The journalist discovered suspicious marks on a window in her room, immediately alerting law enforcement on the night of February 29. The 16th arrondissement police station took charge of the investigation.

This incident comes after Lapix had already been targeted by an attempted burglary at the end of January, during which five individuals were arrested, charged, and incarcerated. The repetition of these acts highlights a worrying trend of targeting public figures.

The day before, presenter Jean-Luc Reichmann, was the victim of a similar home-jacking. Masked individuals tried to break into his home in the Hauts-de-Seine, but fled upon seeing the presenter’s son. The swift police response allowed for the arrest of the suspects.

These series of attacks highlight the risks to which French celebrities are exposed, like singer Vitaa among others. It should be noted that each time, the police have continued their investigations to identify the perpetrators and prevent future attempts.