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The Feud Continues to Burn Between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie on the left and Brad Pitt on the right against a dark background

Between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, the conflicts seem far from calming down. This new episode seems straight out of a bad drama film. Angelina Jolie’s lawyers are making serious accusations against Brad Pitt related to past domestic violence. These revelations come in the context of a fierce struggle for possession of the Château Miraval, a prestigious vineyard estate located in the Var. The actor allegedly refused to sell his share to Angelina Jolie without a strict confidentiality clause, exacerbating their conflict.

The tension between the two stars is not limited to legal disputes. It finds its roots in deeper and more personal accusations, including allegations of domestic and family violence. Angelina Jolie, through her lawyers, claims to have been a victim of violence long before the incident that occurred during a flight in 2016. It was this incident that then prompted the actress to file for divorce.

This legal war highlights the bitter disagreements of a couple once emblematic of Hollywood. However, their children find themselves at the heart of legal battles concerning their custody. The law on violence against women, however, encourages better protection for them.

Brad Pitt’s friends have tried to defend him. They claim that the accusations made by Angelina Jolie are part of a strategy to divert attention whenever a court decision is unfavorable to her.

The real question remains whether justice will be able to untangle the truth from the falsehood in this old love story turned into an endless legal battle.