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Alexandra Lamy Versus Anny Duperey?

The actress and director Alexandra Lamy against a sky background

The debate is raging within French cinema following the rape accusations made by Judith Godrèche against filmmakers Jacques Doillon and Benoît Jacquot. Comments made by actress Anny Duperey, describing these accusations as “exaggerated”, have sparked numerous reactions.

During an intervention on RTL, Anny Duperey expressed reservations about the liberation of speech, suggesting her reluctance towards “late witch hunts”. These comments quickly attracted criticism. Actress Alexandra Lamy strongly condemns Duperey’s remarks on X — formerly Twitter — reminding that the accusations concern criminal acts.

Alexandra Lamy speaks out on X about Anny Duperey’s comments on Judith Godrèche

In a scathing message, the actress emphasized the importance of not minimizing the victims’ voices. Duperey’s comments were perceived as a lack of solidarity and understanding towards victims of sexual abuse.

In the face of controversy, Anny Duperey published a statement to clarify her position. She admits to having clumsily expressed her intention to temper the media frenzy around these accusations, while affirming her support for abuse victims.

However, the case continues to provoke divided reactions within the profession.