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Alain Delon: Undesirable in Douchy?

Between Alain Delon and Douchy, it's a long story

In Douchy-Montcorbon, a peaceful village in the Loiret, actor Alain Delon lives secluded in his vast property when he is in France. But the tranquility of this place has recently been disturbed by increased media attention, notably due to the public conflicts between his children. Anthony and Alain-Fabien Delon accuse their sister, Anouchka, of concealing information about their father’s health, which she firmly denies.

The inhabitants of Douchy provide another perspective on this famous family. A resident nostalgically recalls the role of Mireille Darc, the actor’s former partner who passed away in 2017, in local life. As for Alain-Fabien, he is described by neighbors as friendly but a bit lost, while Anouchka is perceived in a less favorable light, often described as haughty and distant.

The influence of Hiromi Rollin, Alain Delon’s former companion, is also a topic of discussion among the residents. According to them, since her departure, the actor has not appeared in public. However, allegations of mistreatment towards the actor’s dog by Hiromi Rollin are disputed by the inhabitants, some expressing doubts about the true nature of the relationship between her and the actor.

The health of Alain Delon is of utmost concern according to the latest news. Some report statements expressing his desire to leave and the preparation of his funeral planned since 2015 according to close ones.