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The Whims of Agustín Galiana

Agustín Galiana in front of an orange background

Agustín Galiana can no longer stand being reduced to his physique as a latin lover. "People only have this image of me. For me, it’s not true. It’s important to explain this because it bothers me, it offends me, it annoys me… Because in fact, this question touches me right in the heart, because it seems like my talent is only there. I’ve been working for France for eight years and I think I’ve shown that I’m more than just a body," the 46-year-old actor emphasized on the radio.

Agustín Galiana is taking advantage of his promotion to set the record straight. Last April, the Spaniard released a new album titled Enamorado, his third record in French. This Tuesday, July 2, the singer was on the radio to talk about his project: "It’s an album that talks about love, but a happy love. Love with a capital L. Self-love, love for the public, love that I cherished in the past, family love, love for friends."

While he is fulfilled in his artistic life, Agustín Galiana still wanted to have a rant during his interview. The one who will celebrate his 46th birthday on July 7 expressed his frustration with the reputation of being a handsome man that follows him in the media world: "Many people say that I am a latin lover. (…) People only have this image of me. For me, it’s not true. I am someone who has emotions. This image has been stuck to me because the character I play and the roles I am given to play are always like that in series or movies."

Agustín Galiana wants to show that he is much more than just a physique and hopes that his message will finally be heard.