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Adriana Karembeu: The Tragedies of a Runway Queen

Portrait of Adriana Karembeu

Adriana Karembeu shocked her fans and the general public by revealing in her new book, Libre (Free in French), published on May 2, that she had been the victim of an attempted rape in 2010 by a famous French director. This revelation was made in a context in which the film industry is facing several similar accusations. In her account, the former model describes an encounter that quickly turned into a nightmare.

Invited to discuss a script, she finds herself alone with the director who, under the pretext of a professional approach, tried to rape her. "He puts his hand on my knee, then suddenly throws himself on me, kissing me violently," she writes, evoking the fear felt during the assault. Adriana Karembeu recounts having found the strength to push her attacker away, a strength she attributes to her past experiences.

This testimony is particularly poignant, as she reveals having been confronted with her attacker years later in a social context, an encounter that deeply upset her. "He dares to greet me in front of my husband, with his lecherous air," she says, a situation that painfully reminds her of her assault.

These revelations come at a time when the #MeToo movement continues to expose unacceptable abuses in various industries, including the highly publicized film industry. The beautiful Adriana Karembeu’s book is therefore an important addition to the debate on sexual assaults.