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Adriana Karembeu and Marc Lavoine: Being Happy to Be Two

Marc Lavoine and Adriana Karembeu in front of a sunset

The magazine Paris Match reveals a new romance between Adriana Karembeu and Marc Lavoine. The singer and the model, who doesn’t look her 52 years, are living a promising relationship without wanting to hide.

It all started last May, when Adriana Karembeu confessed her admiration for Marc Lavoine on the set of 50mn Inside, a famous TF1 show. A few days later, she was still talking about her love for the singer on the radio, discussing the impact of the song Je ne veux qu’elle on her learning of French.

These declarations did not leave Marc Lavoine indifferent. The singer quickly got in touch with Adriana via Instagram. In early June, he was in turn invited to the show 50mn Inside and implicitly confirmed their budding attraction by stating: "Life sometimes brings you satisfactions. This one is one of them."

Their first meeting, which took place shortly after these public exchanges, marked the beginning of their love story. On June 20, the couple was seen in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, displaying an obvious complicity. Adriana, dressed in white, and Marc, more sober in black, formed a harmonious duo.

Adriana, radiant with happiness, confides to her close ones: "I am happy, so happy!". This new relationship seems to bring freshness and renewal in the lives of the two celebrities, both marked by past love stories and personal trials.

Marc Lavoine, who is about to release a new album and a book, and Adriana Karembeu, who continues her career as a model and host, show that love can always return, even after 50 years.